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Event Workshop "Young Women in Representation Theory" Event
Event Infinitesimal characters and dimension of admissible p-adic Banach space representations Event
Event Potential automorphy of \hat{G}-local systems Event
Event Spring School: Cluster Algebras in Mathematical Physics (CAMP) Event
Event New cases of p-adic uniformization Event
Event Cycles complex over P^1 minus 3 points and multiple polylogarithms Event
Event Moduli of local systems and Geometric Langlands in positive characteristic Event
Event The Springer resolution and modular representation theory Event
Event Summer School: "Motivic Galois Groups" Event
Event Coherent duality via condensed modules Event
Event Étale comparison Event
Event Θ-reductive stacks Event
Event Hilbert schemes of points on surfaces and conjectural link homology groups Event
Event Die lokale Langlandskorrespondenz für Gl_{2,Q} Event
Event Motivic Landweber Exactness Event
Event Hida Families for GL_2 and p-adic Hodge theory Event
Event p-adic modular forms à la Coleman Event
Event On the passage form local to global in Grothendieck's section conjecture Event
Event The Satake equivalence in ramified cases, 2 Event
Event Cox rings and rational points on del Pezzo surfaces / Cox-Ringe und rationale Punkte auf del-Pezzo-Flächen Event
Event Derived category determines the variety when K>0, K<0 Event
Event A quasi-idempotent approach to link homology Event
Event Tamely ramified geometric local theta correspondence in terms of geometric Langlands functoriality Event
Event CM-constructions in low genus Event
Event On the p-curvature of Hitchin’s connection Event
Event k-gonal loci in Severi varieties of curves on K3 surfaces Event
Event Hyperkähler manifolds associated to cubic fourfolds Event
Event Some operations on Chow groups and their applications Event
Event SFB-Kolloquium Sondertermin: Unlikely Intersections and o-minimal Structures Event
Event Reduction theorems for global/local conjectures in the representation theory of finite groups Event
Event tba Event
Event Higher regulators, periods, and special values of the degree four L function of GSp(4) Event
Event Arithmetic moduli of Enriques surfaces, 1. Event
Event T-structures on the derived categories of coherent sheaves on flag varieties arising from Frobenius morphism Event
Event Fibrations of irreducible symplectic varieties Event
Event Motives of moduli of Higgs bundles on curves (tentative title) Event
Event Strategy of proof of the main theorem Event
Event tba Event
Event Seshadri constants in positive characteristic Event
Event On the cohomology of non-basic RZ-spaces Event
Event Almost ring theory Event
Event Overview - Forschungsseminar zur Fontaine-Mazur-Vermutung (nach Emerton) Event
Event φ-Γ-Moduln Event
Event Twisting with wild characters Event
Event The determinant morphism for Rapoport-Zink spaces Event
Event Bass-Serre theory for groupoids and Calogero-Moser spaces Event
Event Vortrag fällt aus!! Vector bundles on non-Kähler principal elliptic bundles over surfaces Event
Event On Picard-Fuchs equations and flat coordinates Event
Event Local systems on P^1 minus 4 point Event
Event Herbrand-Ribet in positive characteristic Event
Event Unramified cohomology and the integral Hodge conjecture Event
Event tba Event
Event Festkolloquium aus Anlass des 60. Geburtstages von Kang Zuo Event
Event An informal introduction to some aspects of geometric Langlands Event
Event Two variable p-adic L functions Event
Event Adic spaces Event
Event The fusion product Event
Event Varieties Characterized by their Endomorphisms (joint work with Raffael Andrist Event
Event On the origin of gravity and the laws of Newton (after Erik Verlinde) Event
Event Higher direct images of the structure sheaf Event
Event Introduction to p-adic Hodge theory, part 6 of 6 Event
Event Die p-adische Langlandskorrespondenz für trianguline Darstellungen 2 Event
Event The associative and quantum Yang-Baxter equations Event
Event Degree zero DT invariants and Behrend function, introduction (1); Göttsche's formula in higher dimensions (2) Event
Event Quantum cohomology of framed sheaves Event
Event The arithmetic and geometry of degenerations of K3 surfaces Event
Event The Double Cover of an Enriques Surface Event
Event Equivariant stratification of unipotent radicals and cohomology of classifying spaces Event
Event Quivers with potentials from triangulations: pops and non-degeneracy Event
Event String-Math 2012 Event
Event Bounding torsion in geometric families of abelian varieties Event
Event A p-adic Labesse-Langlands transfer Event
Event Modular representations of p-adic quasi-split groups of rank 1 Event
Event Floer theory for negative line bundles via Gromov-Witten invariants Event
Event Atomic bases in cluster algebras of affine type A Event
Event Rational Curves on K3 Surfaces Event
Event Newton strata in Shimura varieties Event
Event New perspectives on the Breuil-Mézard conjecture Event
Event Degeneration and weight drop lemma Event
Event Curves and vector bundles in p-adic Hodge theory, 4-5 Event
Event Locally algebraic vectors in completed cohomology II Event
Event Rational curves on K3 surfaces not defined over number fields (after Li/Liedtke) Event
Event Degenerations of K3 surfaces and applications II: Rational endomorphisms Event
Event Deformation theory for stable maps to a K3 surface Event
Event Curves and vector bundles in p-adic Hodge theory Event
Event Displays from a geometric viewpoint Event
Event 2-Dimensional Adele/Idele Theories Event
Event Deformations of GQ- and GL2(Qp)-representations Event
Event Categorifications and rational Cherednik algebras Event
Event Deformation theory for stable maps to a K3 surface (II) Event
Event SFB-Seminar Event
Event Locally algebraic vectors in completed cohomology I Event
Event Self-rational maps on K3 surfaces and Severi varieties of higher genus (after Dedieu) Event
Event Cyclic Sieving for Generalized Non-Crossing Partitions Associated to Complex Reflection Groups Event
Event tba Event
Event Locally coherent and locally noetherian hearts Event
Event Combinatorics of canonical bases and cluster duality Event
Event Cellular decomposition of quiver Grassmannians Event
Event Hecke algebra modules from representations of p-adic groups and quantum groups Event
Event The determinant map on K-theory Event
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