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Event Curves algebraically uniformized by radicals Event
Event Curves algebraically uniformized by radicals, part II Event
Event Feynman Integrale I Event
Event Feynman Integrale II Event
Event Modulstruktur endlich erzeugter K-Algebren Event
Event Dual canonical bases and affine Hecke algebras Event
Event EO-, KR-, and SS- for the moduli space A_3 Event
Event Crystalline representations of GL2(Qp) Event
Event Hard Lefschetz theorem Event
Event Irreducible mod-p representations of GL2(Qp) and Colmez’s functor Event
Event On theta dualities for abelian surfaces Event
Event Virtual invariants of Quot schemes over curves and surfaces Event
Event A conjecture of Artin and weight one forms over totally real fields Event
Event Introduction. A result due to Fontaine-Wintenberger and perfectoid fields Event
Event Mixed cycle complexes on P^1 minus three points Event
Event Relative rigidity property and etale realization Event
Event The Springer correspondence and modular representation theory Event
Event Equivariant stratification of unipotent radicals and cohomology of classifying spaces Event
Event Derived de Rham algebras Event
Event Derived exterior powers and derived divided powers Event
Event Derived de Rham algebras mod pn II Event
Event The Lang-Vojta conjecture and the moduli of smooth hypersurfaces Event
Event Stratifications for representations of quivers and sheaves Event
Event Local ε-isomorphisms in families Event
Event Symplectic point of view on GIT and the Yang-Mills equations Event
Event Effectivity of Iitaka fibrations and pluricanonical systems of polarized pairs Event
Event Mirror symmetry and the classification of Fano varieties Event
Event A quadratic rational point on a non-hyperelliptic genus four Jacobian Event
Event Calabi-Yau Moduli Spaces from 2d Gauge Theories Event
Event Orbital decomposition of the intersection number Event
Event Extension of the fundamental cycle Event
Event A Breuil-Mezard type conjecture for locally analytic principal series representations Event
Event Multiserial and special multiserial algebras Event
Event Derived de Rham algebras Event
Event Proof of the p-adic Poincaré lemma Event
Event Deligne-Illusie's Lemma in the semi-stable case and its application to Tate curves. Event
Event The existence theorem (Hitchin-Kobayashi correspondence) Event
Event Conclusion: The moduli spaces are homeomorphic Event
Event Geometric interpretation of the orbital integrals Event
Event Finite quotients of three-dimensional complex tori Event
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