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Event Cluster algebras via quivers with potentials Event
Event Local properties of modular curves of D-elliptic sheaves Event
Event Representations on the cohomology of certain symmetric hypersurfaces Event
Event Higher global class field theory Event
Event Additive polylogarithms Event
Event t.b.a. Event
Event The classical theory of Shimura varieties Event
Event Shimura varieties and Siegel modular varieties Event
Event Shimura varieties of Hodge type and PEL type and of type A_1 Event
Event Canonical models and their uniqueness Event
Event Locally analytic functions and distributions Event
Event Modular symbols and Teitelbaum's L-invariant Event
Event tba Event
Event Truncations of level 1 of elements of the loop group of a reductive group, 1 Event
Event Die Periodenabbildung 3 Event
Event Algebraic group analogues of the Slodowy slices and deformed Poisson W-algebras Event
Event Introduction to motives Event
Event The motivic Hall algebra Event
Event Die Periodenabbildung 4 Event
Event Generalization of Néron models of Green, Griffits, Kerr Event
Event tba Event
Event tba Event
Event A geometric Ax-Kochen theorem Event
Event Locally analytic vectors and overconvergent $(\varphi, \tau)$-module Event
Event t.b.a. Event
Event t.b.a. Event
Event Summer School: Shimura Varieties: Cohomology and Modular Forms Event
Event Tubular cluster algebras Event
Event Gallery combinatorics in affine buildings and applications Event
Event Classification of coideal subalgebras for quantum groups Event
Event Verfeinerungen und Klassifikation trianguliner lokaler Galoisdarstellungen Event
Event Relative bar complex and mixed elliptic motives Event
Event Special values of L-functions of motives Event
Event The microlocal codimension three conjecture Event
Event Perfectoid spaces I: Analytic topology Event
Event dg-models for algebraic triangulated categories I Event
Event Full exceptional sequences and tilting modules over the Auslander algebra of k[T]/T^t Event
Event dg-models for algebraic triangulated categories II Event
Event p-Rang- und KR-Strata in der Reduktion von Shimura-Varietäten vom PEL-Typ Event
Event Old and new about representation theory of SL_2(R) Event
Event Type theory Event
Event Some remarks on the cohomology of Lubin-Tate spaces Event
Event QFT and finite fields Event
Event (Modular) constructions of mixed (Tate)-motives I Event
Event (Modular) constructions of mixed (Tate)-motives II Event
Event Interpolating the classical local Langlands coreespondence, part 1 Event
Event Some remarks on the cohomology of Lubin-Tate spaces, 2 Event
Event Orbifold equivalent potentials for matrix factorisations Event
Event Beilinson-Flach elements and the arithmetic of elliptic curves Event
Event Derived equivalences of irregular varieties and non-vanishing loci More Info Event
Event p-adic Hilbert modular forms II Event
Event Cohomology operations and formal plethories Event
Event Hodge theoretic aspects of mirror symmetry Event
Event Quivers with potentials I (after Derksen-Weyman-Zelevinsky) Event
Event Deformation to the Hecke algebra Event
Event Curves and vector bundles in p-adic Hodge theory, 6-7 Event
Event Locally algebraic vectors in completed cohomology III Event
Event Curves and vector bundles in p-adic Hodge theory, 11--12 Event
Event Hecke operators and the classicity criterion for Hilbert modular forms, I Event
Event tba Event
Event Categorical resolutions and Du Bois singularities Event
Event Some remarkable subsets of Iwahori-Weyl groups Event
Event Automorphic L-functions for GL_n x GL_m Event
Event Desingularization of quiver Grassmannians associated with Dynkin quivers Event
Event On definition fields of algebraic curves Event
Event On the p-adic geometry of RZ-spaces, I Event
Event Kodaira dimension and zero loci of holomorphic one-forms Event
Event Arakelov invariants of Belyi curves Event
Event Semistable Higgs bundles and representations of algebraic fundamental groups in mixed characteristics Event
Event RZ spaces of Hodge type Event
Event The Arthur trace formula and Weyl laws on GL(2) Event
Event Modular forms and Eichler-Shimura Event
Event Deligne’s Bourbaki paper I 1/2 Event
Event Scholl’s paper II Event
Event Blasius—Rogawski I Event
Event Kodaira dimension and zero loci of holomorphic one-forms (Part 2) Event
Event K-theory and infinitesimal thickenings, II: the characteristic p case Event
Event Labelings of Dynkin diagrams and Galois cohomology of simply connected real groups Event
Event Hyperelliptic curve counting on abelian surfaces via the Shioda-Inose K3 and related ideas. Event
Event Vector bundles, semisimple algebras and birational properties of rational surfaces Event
Event The homological projective dual of Sym^2(P^n) Event
Event Hypersurfaces in products of projective spaces Event
Event Fano varieties in Mori fibre spaces Event
Event Duality in singularity categories and the Kapustin-Li formula Event
Event Geometry of the Siegel threefold with paramodular level structure Event
Event Calabi-Yau varieties parametrised by Shimura varieties Event
Event A\(_\infty\) algebras Event
Event Motivic integration, the motivic Milnor fibre and the Thom-Sebastiani theorem Event
Event Localization of the Zuckerman functor and applications, II Event
Event Local G-Shtukas Event
Event Local G-Shtukas, 2. Event
Event Partial ordered sets and applications to representation theory Event
Event Exceptional collections of line bundles on the Beauville surface Event
Event Hassett=Kuznetsov (after Addington and Thomas), Part I and II Event
Event Strong resolution of singularities for two-dimensional schemes Event
Event Differential forms on singular varieties Event
Event From stable bundles to stable complexes Event
Event Preprojective algebras of non-simply laced type Event
Event Curves and cycles on K3 surfaces vs. A recent intrusion of algebraic geometry into stable homotopy theory Event
Event Doktorandentreffen SFB/TRR 45 Event
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