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Event tba Event
Event tba Event
Event Excursion operators and Hecke operators, I&II Event
Event The image of complex conjugation in torsion Galois representations Event
Event Hodge theory of GKZ-systems and mirror symmetry Event
Event Conference for Young Researchers in Arithmetic and Algebraic Geometry Event
Event Second Gaussian map and curvature of the moduli space of curves Event
Event Hodge classes on self-products of K3 surfaces Event
Event Summer School on Linear Systems (March 2009) Event
Event Examples of Feynman Integrals Event
Event Uniformization of the moduli space of D-shtukas of rank 1 and an application, 2 Event
Event Deformations of formal O-modules II Event
Event Lecture Course on "Anderson Motives" Event
Event Vector bundles on p-adic curves Event
Event Cluster algebras, cluster categories and periodicity Event
Event Jacobian algebras from closed surfaces, derived equivalences and Brauer graph algebras Event
Event Khovanov homology and its generalizations (Semester on 4-manifolds) Event
Event tba Event
Event Khovanov homology and its generalizations (Semester on 4-manifolds) Event
Event Kuznetsov's conjecture, Part II; Hassett=Kuznetsov (after Addington and Thomas), Part I Event
Event The magic window theorem Event
Event Complex Geometry of Flag Domains Event
Event SFB-Seminartag in Bonn Event
Event Diamonds (continued) Event
Event Jet differentials and Bloch’s theorem Event
Event Extensions of equivariant tensor actions Event
Event Hyperbolicity of complex varieties: Curves on surfaces of general type Event
Event Simple transitive 2-representations via coalgebra 1-morphisms Event
Event Geometrically smooth morphisms of diamonds Event
Event Hyperbolicity of complex varieties: Discussion Event
Event Curvature of higher direct image sheaves Event
Event The tilting equivalence and motivic Galois groups Event
Event t.b.a. Event
Event Rational curves on fiber spaces whose general fiber is an abelian variety of dimension or codimension one Event
Event Algebraic ordinary differential equations of low ramification Event
Event Perverse Schobers and Fukaya categories with coefficients for punctured surfaces Event
Event The determinant map on K-theory Event
Event Highest weight categories and recollements Event
Event Fock spaces an Fayers conjecture Event
Event Construction of line bundles: K-theoretic approach Event
Event A theory of the b-function in positive characteristic Event
Event Review l-adic sheaves and cohomology Event
Event On intersections of special cycles of valuation 1 on the Shimura variety for GU(1,n−1) Event
Event The p-rank stratification on the Siegel moduli space with Iwahori level structure II Event
Event p-adic Hilbert modular forms Event
Event Quivers with potentials I (after Derksen-Weyman-Zelevinsky) Event
Event Moduli spaces of perverse sheaves on algebraic surfaces, quiver varities and representation theory Event
Event On autoequivalences of toric CICY categories Event
Event Moduli space of bundles and Kloosterman sums Event
Event The stringy motivic measure and singularities Event
Event p-adic local Langlands correspondence for GL_2(Q_p) Event
Event The mirror dual of the cubic threefold Event
Event On the geometric Satake equivalence Event
Event Definition of D-modules, first examples and operations Event
Event Vector bundles on non-Kähler principal elliptic bundles over surfaces Event
Event Bounded-rank tensors Event
Event Towards mirror symmetry for varieties of general type Event
Event Zips Event
Event A residual Riemann-Roch formula Event
Event Singular spaces with trivial canonical class Event
Event Explicit Chabauty-Kim theory for the thrice punctured line Event
Event Regular integrable connections Event
Event The Riemann-Hilbert correspondence II Event
Event Application to representation theory Event
Event The formal Brauer group and crystalline cohomology Event
Event Cluster tilting over canonical algebras Event
Event Singular spaces with trivial canonical class Event
Event Weights and nilpotence Event
Event Applications, base change and coherence conditions Event
Event The Totally Non-Negative Grassmannian, Poisson Structures and Generalizations of Cluster Algebras Event
Event Categorification of coordinate rings of unipotent cells Event
Event Overview and motivation Event
Event Rigid analytic geometry I Event
Event Rigid analytic geometry II Event
Event Fusion and tilting Event
Event Categorification of skew-symmetrizable cluster algebras Event
Event PT/DT-correspondence for orbifolds Event
Event The Grothendieck-Witt group and Voevodsky's slice filtration Event
Event Wild ramification and local Galois module structure Event
Event Galois Representations attached to a HMF Event
Event Proof of Potential Modularity Event
Event Meromorphic Continuation of L-functions Event
Event Conference on Algebraic Geometry and Arithmetic Event
Event Reductive algebraic groups over rings Event
Event Perfectoid spaces Event
Event Picard-Fuchs operator for one parameter families of Calabi-Yau threefolds Event
Event Unstable A1-homotopy sheaves of spheres Event
Event Singularity categories of complete intersections Event
Event Jeng-Daw Yu (Queen's University, Kingston, Kanada) Event
Event Jeng-Daw Yu (Queen's University, Kingston, Kanada) Event
Event Workshop on McKay correspondence for symplectic resolutions (following Bezrukavnikov-Kaledin) Event
Event Conference on Arithmetic Algebraic Geometry Event
Event Kulikov models Event
Event Classicality of overconvergent modular symbols Event
Event Elliptic fibrations on K3 surfaces: classifications, equations and specializations Event
Event Embeddings of lattices and p-adic orthogonal groups. Event
Event Higgs bundles and branes Event
Event Adic spaces as v-sheaves Event
Event Prismatic cohomology II Event
Event The crystals associated to supersingular K3 surfaces Event
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