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Event Finite groups of symplectic derived equivalences Event
Event Derived equivalences of irregular varieties and non-vanishing loci More Info Event
Event Moduli spaces of Higgs bundles and the Hitchin system: Torelli theorem Event
Event Hodge-Pink structures and filtered isocrystals Event
Event A bound on the dimension of Hilbert schemes and applications Event
Event Geometry of second adjointness I Event
Event On some questions on algebraic cycles for varieties over finite fields Event
Event tba Event
Event Compatibility of the étale realization and the de Rham realization for the torsion sections of the elliptic polylogarithm Event
Event Coleman map in Coleman families Event
Event Hassett-Tschinkel conjecture Event
Event Kobayashi non-hyperbolicity and hyperk\"ahler manifolds Event
Event Hall algebra of a weighted projective line Event
Event Koszul cohomology and geometry of complex curves Event
Event Stability conditions an hall algebras Event
Event Arbeitsgemeinschaft Arithmetische Geometrie Event
Event Summer School on p-adic Cohomology Event
Event p-adic deformation of cycle classes Event
Event Specialization of Néron-Severi groups of K3 surfaces Event
Event Motivic decompositions of abelian schemes Event
Event Degenerations of K3 surfaces and applications I: Families of nodal curves Event
Event Irregular Hodge filtration Event
Event program discussion Event
Event p-adic modular forms Event
Event Derived equivalence classification of the gentle algebras arising from surface triangulations Event
Event Rational Cherednik algebras in positive characteristic Event
Event Overconvergent de Rham—Witt complex Event
Event Toric embeddings and nonarchimedean analytification Event
Event Weil I and geometric semi-simplicity Event
Event Curves and vector bundles in p-adic Hodge theory, 2-3 Event
Event Soergel bimodules for the dihedral group and Temperley-Lieb algebras at roots of unity Event
Event Degeneration and weight drop lemma Event
Event The moment criterion Event
Event Antrittsvorlesungen Event
Event Quivers with potentials II (after Derksen-Weyman-Zelevinsky) Event
Event Filtrations on homology of real varieties Event
Event Curves and vector bundles in p-adic Hodge theory, 9--10 Event
Event Families of trianguline representations and finite slope spaces, 1. Event
Event tba Event
Event Volume and stability of singularities Event
Event Refined Vafa-Witten invariants for projective surfaces Event
Event Higher symmetric products Event
Event Fourier-Mukai transforms on elliptic fibrations Event
Event Foliated topology, an introduction Event
Event Degeneration of cubic hypersurfaces and hyper-Kähler manifolds uniformised by a complex ball Event
Event Lines on smooth K3-surfaces Event
Event t.b.a. Event
Event From categories to simplicial sets and quasicategories Event
Event Interlude: The Barr-Beck theorem and descent Event
Event Motivic nearby fibre and motivic zeta function Event
Event Locally analytic representations in the moduli space of Lubin-Tate Event
Event TBA Event
Event Hirzebruch-Riemann-Roch as a categorical trace I Event
Event On the integral Hodge conjecture for real threefolds Event
Event Complex surfaces dominated by Cˆ2 Event
Event Smooth morphisms of diamonds II Event
Event The vanishing homology of isolated determinantal singularities Event
Event Cluster algebras arising from Riemann surfaces IV Event
Event The weight-monodromy conjecture II Event
Event The geometry of a modular Schur-Weyl Event
Event Lambda-Modules and Iwasawa's skew symmetric pairing Event
Event Total positivity, cluster algebras, and decorated Teichmueller spaces Event
Event Connected components of Kisin varieties for GL_2 Event
Event p-adic Banach spaces Event
Event The theorem of Serre and Tate (after Katz (after Drinfeld)) Event
Event Ordinary Abelian varieties and their canonical lift Event
Event Crystals Event
Event Crystalline Dieudonné theory Event
Event In case char(K) = p: Theorem 2 implies Theorem 1 Event
Event Proof of Theorem 2 (and hence of Theorem 1) Event
Event Lecture Cancelled Event
Event Applying the functorial filtration method to homotopy categories Event
Event Singular spaces with trivial canonical class Event
Event Affine Hecke algebras and quantum symmetric pairs Event
Event Differential forms on categorical quotients Event
Event Hirzebruch-Riemann-Roch as a categorical trace II Event
Event tba Event
Event Simple automorphisms of complex projective varieties Event
Event tba Event
Event Lie Groups, Invariant Theory & Complex Geometry Event
Event Moduli of sheaves on general type surfaces and modular forms Event
Event Quivers of finite mutation type Event
Event Rational Schur algebras Event
Event Cluster algebras via quivers with potentials Event
Event Local properties of modular curves of D-elliptic sheaves Event
Event Representations on the cohomology of certain symmetric hypersurfaces Event
Event Higher global class field theory Event
Event Additive polylogarithms Event
Event t.b.a. Event
Event The classical theory of Shimura varieties Event
Event Shimura varieties and Siegel modular varieties Event
Event Shimura varieties of Hodge type and PEL type and of type A_1 Event
Event Canonical models and their uniqueness Event
Event Locally analytic functions and distributions Event
Event Modular symbols and Teitelbaum's L-invariant Event
Event tba Event
Event Truncations of level 1 of elements of the loop group of a reductive group, 1 Event
Event Die Periodenabbildung 3 Event
Event Algebraic group analogues of the Slodowy slices and deformed Poisson W-algebras Event
Event Introduction to motives Event
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