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Calabi-Yau categories


Algebraic structure of triangulated categories of Calabi-Yau type, applications to rationality and Chow groups, quiver Grassmannians and cluster algebras

Working Packages

  • M07-1 (Huybrechts, Macri): Derived categories and Chow groups of K3 surfaces (2011-2015)
    M07-1 (Huybrechts): Chow groups of K3 surfaces (2015-2019)
  • M07-2 (Huybrechts, Macri): Rationality of cubic fourfolds and derived categories  (2011-2015)
    M07-2 (Huybrechts): Autoequivalences of K3 categories in cubic fourfolds (2015-2019)
  • M07-3 (Schröer): Euler characteristics of quiver Grassmannians (2011-2015)
    M07-3 (Schröer): Representation theory of Jacobian algebras (2015-2019)

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