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Event On the Geometric Satake Isomorphism
Timo Richarz (Bonn)
Event Conjugacy classes in affine Weyl groups
Sian Nie (IHES)
Event Units in Grothendieck-Witt rings and dreams of multiplicative motivic infinite loop space theory
Tom Bachmann
Event The weight-monodromy conjecture I
Ishai Dan-Cohen
Event Euler systems and the Birch-Swinnerton-Dyer conjecture
Sarah Zerbes (University College, London)
Event Euler systems and the Birch Swinnerton Dyer conjecture
Henri Darmon (McGill University, Montreal)
Event Hermitian infinite loop space machines
Alejo Lopez-Avila
Event Hermitian infinite loop space machines
Lukas Pottmeyer
Event Towards the “finite slope part” for p-adic GL_n
Florian Herzig (Toronto)
Event The test function conjecture for parahoric local models
Timo Richarz
Event Multivariable (φ,Γ)-modules and smooth o-torsion representations
Gergely Zabradi (Budapest)
Event Projective spaces over split forms of division algebras
Konrad Voelkel (Uni-Freiburg)
Event Vector Bundles over Rigid Analytic Varieties
Helene Sigloch (Uni-Freiburg)
Event Density II
Kay Rülling
Event The convolution product and tannakian functor
Lennart Gehrmann
Event Perfectoid algebras I
Ulrich Terstiege
Event Breuil-Kisin windows and Ekedahl-Oort stratification of Shimura varieties
Qijun Yan
Event Serre’s conjecture about weights of mod p modular forms: old conjectures, not so old theorems, and new conjectures
Shu Sasaki
Event Mixed Hodge structures and representations of fundamental groups of complex algebraic varieties
Louis-Clément Lefèvre
Event On the cohomology of Hilbert modular varieties
Matteo Tamiozzo
Event Fractional Differentiability in Number Theory
Enno Nagel (Univ. Federal de Alagoas)
Event CM points on Shimura varieties with a certain uniformization
Oliver Bültel (Essen)
Event Automorphic L-invariants for reductive groups
Lennart Gehrmann
Event On the cohomology of Hilbert modular varieties II
Matteo Tamiozzo
Event Perfectoid Harris-Taylor Shimura varieties and a quotient of the Lubin-Tate tower
Judith Ludwig (Heidelberg)
Event Motivic equivalence of algebraic groups
Charles de Clercq ( Univ Paris 13)
Event The base change conductor and a refined Artin conductor
Christian Kappen (Essen)
Event A concept of Faltings: An introduction to almost ring theory
Vytautas Paskunas
Event An aside on the cotangent complex
Kay Rülling
Event A short course on adic spaces
Giulia Battiston