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Event Crystalline deformation rings with weights between 0 and p
Robin Bartlett (MPIM Bonn)
Event Geometry of affine Grassmannians
Timo Richarz (Universität Duisburg-Essen)
Event The arithmetic complexity of an algebraic number
Lukas Pottmeyer
Event Automorphic L-invariants
Lennart Gehrmann
Event Log flat topology
Heer Zhao
Event Falting’s construction of a moduli space
Anna Piwatz
Event The image of the Borel-Serre bordification in algebraic K-theory
Alexander D. Rahm (National University of Ireland at Galway)
Event Triangulated Categories
Marc Levine
Event Fourier-Mukai transforms
Lorenzo Mantovani
Event Bridgeland’s proof of the 3-fold case, I
Jochen Heinloth
Event Stability conditions on surfaces
Georg Hein
Event Sato-Tate groups and Galois endomorphism modules in dimension 2
Francesc Fité (Bielefeld)
Event Stability conditions: definition and examples
Chiara Damiolini
Event Characteristic varieties for modules over enveloping algebras
S. Wadsley(Cambridge)
Event The Breuil-Mézard conjecture for non-scalar split residual representations
Yongquan Hu (Rennes)
Event t.b.a.
Gabriel Dospinescu (ENS Lyon)
Event Derived Algebraic Bordism
T. Schürg (Bonn/Berlin)
Event Cohomology growth and Lefschetz numbers of arithmetic groups
S. Kionke (MPI Bonn)
Event Perverse motives and graded category O
Matthias Wendt
Event The formalism of Harder-Narasimhan filtrations
Andre Chatzistamatiou
Event Finite flat group schemes II
Philipp Hartwig
Event Existence of canonical subgroups
Ulrich Görtz
Event Derived category and canonical bundle
Stefan Heuver
Event Bridgeland’s proof of the 3-fold case, II
Daniel Greb
Event Torsion theories and t-structures
Thomas Poguntke
Event On the factorization of automorphic periods
Jie Lin
Event Reciprocity laws and p-adic L-functions
Rodolfo Venerucci
Event Determining the dual group
Jan Kohlhaase
Event Quasi-elliptic cohomology
Zhen Huan
Event Derived Hecke 3 – Derived Hecke algebra I
Vytautas Paškūnas