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Event On semi-simplicity of tensor products in positive characteristics
Vikraman Balaji (CMI Chennai)
Event The USTP problem and diagonal $F$-regularity.
Javier Carvajal (EPFL Lausanne)
Event Reciprocity laws and p-adic L-functions
Rodolfo Venerucci
Event tba
Martijn Kool (Utrecht) - Seminar Algebraic Geometry (SAG)
Event Rational points on the base of an abelian-by-finite family
M. W├╝rthen
Event Zero-dimensional Donaldson-Thomas invariants of Calabi-Yau fourfolds
Martijn Kool (Utrecht) - Seminar Algebraische Geometrie - (SAG )
Event Crystalline representations in the relative case
Yong Suk Moon (North Dakota State University) - Arbeitsgemeinschaft Arithmetische Geometrie