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Event Introduction and distribution of talks Event
Event On the p-adic local invariant cycle theorem Event
Event An Introduction to Cluster Algebras Event
Event Spring School: "Feynman Graphs and Motives" Event
Event Zips strata and Bruhat-Tits strata Event
Event On the K-theory of singular toric varieties Event
Event Cup products and p-adic regulators Event
Event The cohomology of Deligne-Lusztig varieties Event
Event Hilbert-Samuel multiplicities of certain deformation rings Event
Event The Fourier decomposition on the Chow ring of certain hyperkaehler fourfolds Event
Event TBA Event
Event Quiver varieties of type D Event
Event Reminders on p-adic Hodge theory, 2 Event
Event From pro-p-Iwahori Hecke modules to (φ,Γ)-modules Event
Event Counting geometrically indecomposable parabolic bundles over the projective line Event
Event On epsilon-isomorphisms for crystalline representations Event
Event Weil conjectures for K3-surfaces Event
Event Smoothness of matrix factorizations Event
Event Survey on QFT and periods Event
Event Dimensions of some Kisin varieties II Event
Event On a Hasse principle for Mordell Weil groups Event
Event Prime exceptional divisors on holomorphic symplectic varieties and monodromy reflections Event
Event Tautological classes on moduli spaces of K3 surfaces (after van der Geer and Katsura) Event
Event Representations of quivers over the dual numbers Event
Event A Giambelli formula for classical G/P spaces Event
Event The Euler-Poincare pairing and affine Hecke algebras Event
Event The Grothendieck-Messing theorem for minuscule local shtukas Event
Event On the image of the cycle map for the product of elliptic curves over a p-adic field Event
Event Lifts of projective congruence groups Event
Event Green's Conjecture for all curves on K3 surfaces Event
Event Explicit Lower Height Bounds in Q(E_tor) Event
Event Basic loci of Coxeter type in Shimura varieties Event
Event Cones of products: Intoduction and survey Event
Event Eilenberg-Steenrod axioms in algebraic geometry Event
Event Effective computation and some new instances of Darmon points Event
Event Almost ring theory Event
Event Seminar on Torsion in the cohomology of locally symmetric varieties - Overview and motivation Event
Event The canonical subgroup Event
Event Canonical Frobenius lifts Event
Event Tate’s normalized traces and the anti-canonical tower Event
Event tba Event
Event Kouvidakis’s theorem Event
Event Springer Theory methods in representation theory Event
Event Cherednik algebras for wreath products and cyclotomic Hecke algebras Event
Event Moduli space and universal family for connected subgroups of a complex algebraic group Event
Event Holonomic D-modules and positive characteristic Event
Event On mod p^n Galois representations Event
Event Complete Intersections of Quadrics Event
Event tba Event
Event Categorification, Lie algebras and topology Event
Event Faltings' approach to the construction of Néron models Event
Event Unlikely intersections in arithmetic dynamics Event
Event Bonn Annual BIGS-Postersession 2011 Event
Event Geigle-Lenzing weighted projective varieties Event
Event Homological description of crystal structures on quiver varieties Event
Event Cohomology of Non-Commutative Hilbert Schemes as CoHa-Modules Event
Event Oriented theories and symplectic cobordism Event
Event Excursion operators, and pseudorepresentations / Excursion and Hecke operators Event
Event Regularized theta lifts and (1,1)-currents on orthogonal Shimura varieties Event
Event Special SFB Seminar in Mainz Event
Event Multiplicativity of perverse filtration for Hilbert schemes of fibered surfaces Event
Event Heuristics for Arakelov class groups Event
Event Around the Grothendieck-Serre conjecture on principal bundles Event
Event Bundles, Satake and the affine Grassmannian Event
Event Application of Drinfeld’s Lemma and construction of the decomposition Event
Event Characterization of Gross's Calabi-Yau variations of Hodge structure type by characteristic forms Event
Event On a higher cluster category of type A_infinity Event
Event SFB TR 45 Seminar: Hyperbolicity of complex varieties - Introduction Event
Event Hochschild cohomology of noncommutative planes and quadrics Event
Event The parametric differential Galois group Event
Event Good Reduction of K3 Surfaces Event
Event Brill-Noether via wall-crossing Event
Event Fundamental Groups of Kodaira Fibrations of Genus 3 Event
Event Arithmetic Cohomology Groups and Their Applications Event
Event The p-part of the Birch and Swinnerton-Dyer Conjecture for Elliptic Curves of Analytic Rank One Event
Event Generating series of special divisors on arithmetic ball quotients Event
Event Galois representations and torsion classes Event
Event Motivic Topos Event
Event The converse for GL_n Event
Event Riemann-Roch theory for graph orientations Event
Event On 2-Adic Uniformization Event
Event Spaces with Gm-action Event
Event An explicit comparison functor between triangulated categories of mixed motives Event
Event The Clemens-Schmid exact sequence Event
Event Essential skeleton of a degeneration Event
Event On the geometry of the Gamma_1(p)-moduli space, 1 Event
Event Some first steps with Grothendieck derivators Event
Event Absolute Galois groups and rational Witt vectors Event
Event Higher Gross-Zagier formulas Event
Event Definition of I_r(f) and statement of key identity Event
Event K-theory and Cartier crystals Event
Event Purity of reciprocity sheaves and motives with modulus Event
Event Moduli space of cubic surfaces and their anticanonical divisors Event
Event Potential automorphy for unramified \hat G-valued l-adic representations over global function fields Event
Event A quotient of the Lubin-Tate tower Event
Event Functions on spaces of representations – pseudo characters Event
Event Counting open curves via Berkovich geometry Event
Event On the cotangent bundle of Calabi-Yau varieties Event
Event Krull-Gabriel dimension for string algebras Event
Event Jellyfish partition categories Event
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