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Event Morphisms in bounded derived category of a gentle algebra Event
Event Pullbacks of Saito-Kurokawa lifts of square-free level and a central value formula Event
Event Arithmeticity of certain Symplectic Monodromy Groups Event
Event tba Event
Event Kodaira dimension and zeros of holomorphic one-forms Event
Event The Hodge conjecture over function fields Event
Event Representation growth of arithmetic groups (tentative title) Event
Event A derived local Langlands correspondence for GL_n Event
Event Higher direct images of the structure sheaf under a birational morphism between regular schemes Event
Event Counting curls and hunting monomials – Tropical mirror symmetry for elliptic curves Event
Event A conjecture of Artin and weight one forms I Event
Event A conjecture of Artin and weight one forms III Event
Event Hecke Operators Event
Event Automorphic representations Event
Event Deligne’s Bourbaki paper II Event
Event Specialized Macdonald polynomials, quantum K-theory, and Kirillov-Reshetikhin modules Event
Event Hall algebra of a weighted projective line and quantized enveloping algebras Event
Event Patching with conditions at p - Part II Event
Event A "relative" Langlands program and periods of automorphic forms Event
Event Group species with potential and their applications to cluster algebras Event
Event Uniformly rigid spaces and Néron models of formally finite type I Event
Event On the minimal ramification problem Event
Event Singularity categories of categorical resolutions of Kodaira cycles and gentle algebras Event
Event Enriques services and holomorphic symplectic four-folds Event
Event Admissible representations Event
Event The local Langlands correspondence Event
Event Geometry of modular curves I Event
Event Inkommensurabilitaet von nicht-arithmetischen Gittern in PU(1,n) Event
Event Bridgeland's conjecture for K3's Event
Event Covariants in the exterior algebra of a simple Lie algebra Event
Event The Satake category Event
Event Shtukas, Families, traces Event
Event Definition of J_r(f) and geometric interpretation Event
Event F-injectivity and Frobenius closure of ideals in Noetherian rings of characteristic p>0 Event
Event Projectivity of the moduli space of KSBA stable pairs and applications Event
Event Étale cohomology of diamonds, Introduction Event
Event On the cohomology of Igusa varieties Event
Event Cohomological properties of quiver Grassmannians Event
Event Dimensions of affine Deligne-Lusztig varieties in the affine flag variety – a favorable case Event
Event Introduction and Overview Event
Event Local duality for representations of finite group schemes Event
Event Hyperbolicity of Complex varieties - End of the Introduction; Varieties with ample cotangent bundle Event
Event Fano Manifolds, Rational connectedness and cycles Event
Event Varieties with ample cotangent bundle II Event
Event Counting points on wild character varieties Event
Event Introduction to jet differentials Event
Event Diamonds Event
Event Singular Hochschild cohomology and higher algebraic structures Event
Event Summer School on Local Systems Event
Event On the real section conjecture Event
Event Towards effective results for points on curves with multiplicative dependent coordinates Event
Event Northcott property and small generators of number fields Event
Event On motivic Galois groups and algebraic independence in positive characteristic Event
Event Festkolloquium am IEM Event
Event The fundamental theorem of complex multipilication Event
Event Existence of canonical models for simple Shimura varieties of type A_1 Event
Event The periods of a newform Event
Event The Leopoldt-Kubota p-adic zeta-function and more functions Event
Event Morita duality Event
Event Harmonic modular symbols and the L-variant of Orton Event
Event Die Periodenabbildung 2 Event
Event An informal introduction to derived algebraic geometry Event
Event Purity theorems for p-divisible groups Event
Event Stability conditions on Lie algebras II Event
Event Toen's derived Hall algebra Event
Event Modification of Simpson moduli spaces of 1-dimensional sheaves by vector bundles, an experimental example Event
Event Was ist motivische Integration Event
Event A non-Archimedean approach to K-stability Event
Event Pro cdh descent and applications to zero cycles Event
Event Motivic Galois theory for periods and hyperplane arrangements Event
Event Indecomposable vector bundles and stable Higgs bundles on curves Event
Event Equivariant perverse sheaves on Gr_G Event
Event Reduction of affinoid algebras over a discrete valuation ring Event
Event School in Arithmetic Geometry Event
Event Bachström curves and finite dimensional algebras Event
Event Automorphic Representations with Prescribed Local Behaviour Event
Event Moduli spaces of stable sheaves on (K3) surfaces Event
Event Universal derived equivalences of posets, with applications to cluster-tilting objects Event
Event Introduction to stability conditions Event
Event Local models for even orthogonal groups, 2 Event
Event VMRT for the base manifold of a Lagrangian fibration (Hwang's strategy) Event
Event Finiteness of meromorphic mappings Event
Event Curves on algebraic surfaces 2 Event
Event Holomorphic Poisson manifolds and their deformations Event
Event Finite flat group schemes and canonical subgroups a la Fargues Event
Event Filtrations on homology of real varieties Event
Event Intersections of special cycles of valuation 1 on unitary RZ-spaces of signature (1,n-1) Event
Event Homological mirror symmetry for simple singularities of type A Event
Event Density results for points and curves on K3 surfaces (after McLean, Chen, Lewis) Event
Event The Hall algebra of a curve Event
Event Connected components of affine Deligne-Lusztig varieties Event
Event Representations of quivers over the dual numbers I Event
Event On the Tate and Mumford-Tate conjectures for varieties with h2,0=1 Event
Event Wildly ramified CFT Event
Event Is every K3 surface dominated by a product of curves? CANCELLED!! Event
Event (Minimal) Rational curves on Fano varieties (Examples) Event
Event Cartan-Fubini type extension theorem Event
Event Euler characteristics and intersection indices of hypersurfaces in reductive groups Event
Event Arithmetic and geometric deformations of strong semistability and tight closure Event
Event Intersection theory on moduli spaces of abelian varieties Event
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