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Event Weil conjectures for K3-surfaces
Tobias Schmidt
Event Almost ring theory
Lorenzo Mantovani
Event Seminar on Torsion in the cohomology of locally symmetric varieties - Overview and motivation
Ulrich Görtz
Event The canonical subgroup
Haifeng Wu
Event Canonical Frobenius lifts
Shanwen Wang
Event Tate’s normalized traces and the anti-canonical tower
Alexandre Pyvovarov
Event Bundles, Satake and the affine Grassmannian
Matti Würthen
Event Application of Drinfeld’s Lemma and construction of the decomposition
Niels uit de Bos
Event The converse for GL_n
Felix Gora
Event Higher Gross-Zagier formulas
Rodolfo Venerucci
Event Definition of I_r(f) and statement of key identity
Lennart Gehrmann
Event Functions on spaces of representations – pseudo characters
Marc Levine
Event (Local) Weil functions and height functions with respect to ample divisors
Heer Zhao
Event Basics on Okounkov bodies
Tim Kirschner
Event Small course on the Grothendieck ring of varieties I
Eckart Viehweg (Essen)
Event Small course in geometry: weak Néron model
Holger Partsch
Event Trace formula over local fields
Johannes Nicaise
Event Adic spaces
Wei Chen
Event The Gross-Hopkins period map
Lennart Gehrmann
Event The isomorphism between the two towers
Jan Kohlhaase
Event Survey of Scholze’s methods and results
Ulrich Görtz
Event Harmonic metrics and harmonic maps into symmetric spaces
Felix Gora
Event Twisting with wild characters
Lars Kindler (Essen)
Event Adic spaces
Federico Binda
Event Degeneration and weight drop lemma
Henrik Russell (Essen)
Event Hecke Operators
Chiara Damiolini
Event Automorphic representations
Fabian Sander
Event Deligne’s Bourbaki paper II
Bradley Drew
Event The Satake category
Michael Wong
Event Shtukas, Families, traces
Heer Zhao