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Event p-adic Galois representations of G_E with char(E) = p and the ring R
Gebhard Böckle (Essen)
Event The action of G_K on Frac(R) and (phi,Gamma)-modules
Juan Cervino (Essen)
Event C-representations I
Andre Chatzistamatiou (Essen)
Event C-representations II
Lassina Dembélé
Event p-adic modular forms à la Coleman
Raf Butenuth
Event Admissible representations
Johan Bosman
Event The local Langlands correspondence
Philipp Hartwig
Event Geometry of modular curves I
Martin Kreidl
Event The periods of a newform
Haluk Sengün (Essen)
Event The Leopoldt-Kubota p-adic zeta-function and more functions
Pietro Ploner
Event Morita duality
Björn Buth (Essen)
Event Harmonic modular symbols and the L-variant of Orton
Johan Bosman
Event Pseudo-representations II
Juan Cerviño (Essen)
Event The eigencurve
Johan Bosman (Essen)
Event Survey on Potential Modularity and the Seminar
Gabor Wiese
Event Skolem Problems II
Andre Chatzistamatiou
Event Properties of the eigencurve
Gabor Wiese (Essen)
Event Mod p Galois representations of G_E with char(E)=p
Björn Buth (Essen)
Event Witt vectors
Dzmitry Doryn (Essen)
Event The period rings B_cris and B_st
Stefan Kukulies (Essen)
Event Complex valued L-functions
Ambrus Pál (Imperial College, London)
Event The p-adic L-functions of modular forms and elliptic curves
Stefan Kukulies (Essen)
Event The p-adic upper half plane
Yamidt Tobon Bermudez
Event Continuous functions and measures on Z_p
Adam Mohamed
Event The Poisson kernel and harmonic cochains
Ralf Butenuth (Essen)
Event The Atkin-Lehner operator U_p and the Hecke algebra I
Archie Karumbidza
Event The Atkin-Lehner operator U_p and the Hecke algebra II
Oliver Bültel
Event Fredholm theory
Stefan Kukulies (Essen)
Event Pseudo-representations I
Haluk Sengün
Event Overview and motivation
Ulrich Görtz