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Event Hilbert-Samuel multiplicities of certain deformation rings
Fabian Sander (Essen)
Event Effective computation and some new instances of Darmon points
Xevi Guitart (Essen)
Event Regularized theta lifts and (1,1)-currents on orthogonal Shimura varieties
Luis Garcia (Imperial College London)
Event Spaces with Gm-action
Timo Richarz
Event An explicit comparison functor between triangulated categories of mixed motives
Daniel Harrer
Event Algebraic cycles and relative K-groups
Wataru Kai
Event A moving lemma for algebraic cycles with modulus
Wataru Kai (Tokyo)
Event The quotient map on the equivariant Grothendieck ring of varieties
Annabelle Hartmann (Bonn)
Event General introduction - to the research seminar "An introduction to derived p-adic de Rham cohomology"
Gergely Zábrádi
Event Fontaine’s computation of differentials of p-adic algebraic integers
Rodolfo Venerucci
Event Classical p-adic period rings
Mihir Sheth
Event Derived de Rham algebras mod pn I
Adeel Khan
Event Semistable pairs
Lukas Pottmeyer
Event Tamely ramified geometric local theta correspondence in terms of geometric Langlands functoriality
B. Farang-Hariri (HU Berlin)
Event CM-constructions in low genus
Peter Stevenhagen (Leiden)
Event On the p-curvature of Hitchin’s connection
C. Sorger (Nantes/MPI)
Event Fibrations of irreducible symplectic varieties
Martin Schwald
Event Overview - Forschungsseminar zur Fontaine-Mazur-Vermutung (nach Emerton)
Vytas Paskunas (Essen)
Event φ-Γ-Moduln
Philipp Hartwig (Essen)
Event Two variable p-adic L functions
Shanwen Wang (Essen)
Event Modular representations of p-adic quasi-split groups of rank 1
Ramla Abdellatif (ENS Lyon)
Event Locally algebraic vectors in completed cohomology II
Andre Chatzistamatiou
Event Deformations of GQ- and GL2(Qp)-representations
Vytas Paskunas
Event Locally algebraic vectors in completed cohomology I
Jochen Heinloth
Event Pullbacks of Saito-Kurokawa lifts of square-free level and a central value formula
Carlos de Vera Piquero
Event A conjecture of Artin and weight one forms I
Shu Sasaki (Essen)
Event A conjecture of Artin and weight one forms III
Shu Sasaki (Essen)
Event Counting points on wild character varieties
Michael Wong
Event Equivariant perverse sheaves on Gr_G
Jochen Heinloth
Event Reduction of affinoid algebras over a discrete valuation ring
Florent Martin (Regensburg)