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Event On the p-adic local invariant cycle theorem
Yitao Wu (Heidelberg)
Event An Introduction to Cluster Algebras
Jan Schröer (Bonn)
Event Survey on QFT and periods
Oliver Schnetz (Erlangen)
Event Green's Conjecture for all curves on K3 surfaces
Gavril Farkas (Berlin)
Event Explicit Lower Height Bounds in Q(E_tor)
Linda Frey (Copenhagen University)
Event Characterization of Gross's Calabi-Yau variations of Hodge structure type by characteristic forms
Colleen Robles (Duke)
Event The parametric differential Galois group
Ho Hai Phung (Hanoi)
Event Good Reduction of K3 Surfaces
Christian Liedtke (TU München)
Event Brill-Noether via wall-crossing
Arend Bayer (Edinburgh)
Event Fundamental Groups of Kodaira Fibrations of Genus 3
Laure Flapan (UCLA)
Event Arithmetic Cohomology Groups and Their Applications
Lin Weng (Kyushu/IHES/MPIM)
Event Some first steps with Grothendieck derivators
Moritz Groth (Bonn)
Event Absolute Galois groups and rational Witt vectors
Robert Kucharkcyk (Zürich)
Event K-theory and Cartier crystals
Oliver Bräunling (Freiburg)
Event On the cotangent bundle of Calabi-Yau varieties
Frank Gounelas (HU Berlin)
Event Rigidity and Poincaré Duality for algebraic varieties.
Serge Yagunov (MPI Bonn)
Event McKay-Korrespondenz für Kleinsche und Fuchssche Singularitäten
Wolfgang Ebeling (Hannover)
Event Isometries of indefinite binary forms and applications to K3-surfaces
Chris Peters (Grenoble)
Event Rigid local systems: from Gauss to the proof of Sato-Tate conjecture
Michael Dettweiler (Heidelberg)
Event Enriques manifolds
Stefan Schröer (Düsseldorf)
Event Bad reduction of curves with CM jacobians
Fabien Pazuki (Copenhagen)
Event Moduli of Gorenstein Q-homology fake projective planes
Matthias Schütt (Hannover)
Event Arithmetic properties of coefficients of logarithms of formal group laws
Masha Vlasenko (Institute of Mathematics of the Polish Academy of Sciences)
Event Hyperbolicity and torsion in families of abelian varieties
Benjamin Bakker (Berlin)
Event New formulas for Faltings delta invariant
Robert Wilms (Bonn)
Event On the passage form local to global in Grothendieck's section conjecture
Jakob Stix (Heidelberg)
Event Cox rings and rational points on del Pezzo surfaces / Cox-Ringe und rationale Punkte auf del-Pezzo-Flächen
Ulrich Derenthal (München)
Event Some operations on Chow groups and their applications
Maksim Zhykhovich (Mainz)
Event SFB-Kolloquium Sondertermin: Unlikely Intersections and o-minimal Structures
Philipp Habegger (Darmstadt)
Event Higher regulators, periods, and special values of the degree four L function of GSp(4)
Francesco Lemma (Universität Bonn)