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Event Introduction and distribution of talks
M. Rapoport - 'Arithmetische Geometrie'-Oberseminar (ARGOS)
Event The cohomology of Deligne-Lusztig varieties
S. Orlik (Wuppertal) - Arbeitsgemeinschaft Arithmetische Geometrie
Event The Fourier decomposition on the Chow ring of certain hyperkaehler fourfolds
Charles Vial (Cambridge) - Seminar Algebraische Geometrie (SAG)
Event Prime exceptional divisors on holomorphic symplectic varieties and monodromy reflections
Eyal Markman (U Massachusetts) - Seminar Algebraische Geometrie (SAG)
Event Moduli space and universal family for connected subgroups of a complex algebraic group
Michael Le Barbier Grünewald (MPIM) - Seminar Algebraic Geometry (SAG)
Event Complete Intersections of Quadrics
Nicolas Addington (Imperial College, London) - Seminar Algebraic Geometry (SAG)
Event Faltings' approach to the construction of Néron models
Ch. Kappen (Duisburg-Essen) - Arbeitsgemeinschaft Arithmetische Geometrie
Event SFB TR 45 Seminar: Hyperbolicity of complex varieties - Introduction
Andrey Soldatenkov
Event The Clemens-Schmid exact sequence
Isabell Grosse-Brauckmann - SFB/TR-45-Seminar Degenerations of algebraic varieties and motivic integration
Event Essential skeleton of a degeneration
Emma Brakkee - SFB Seminar 'Degenerations of algebraic varieties and motivic integration'
Event On the geometry of the Gamma_1(p)-moduli space, 1
M. Rapoport - Arbeitsgemeinschaft Arithmetische Geometrie
Event Counting open curves via Berkovich geometry
Tony Yue YU (余越) (Paris)
Event Distinguished cycles on hyperKaehler varieties
Charles Vial (Bielefeld) - Seminar Algebraic Geometry (SAG)
Event Twistor lines
Gebhard Martin - SFB TR45 Seminar Problems and recent developments in hyperk geometry
Event On the cluster multiplication theorem for acyclic cluster algebras
Fan Xu (Beijing) - The Bonn Representation Theory Seminar-
Event Coverings of root valuation strata, 1
Eva Viehmann (Bonn) -Arbeitsgemeinschaft Arithmetische Geometrie in Bonn-
Event Hecke algebra isomorphisms and the Bernstein center
Th. Haines (U. of Maryland, z.Z. U Bonn) -Arbeitsgemeinschaft Arithmetische Geometrie in Bonn-
Event Mazur's inequality, toric varieties, and the numbers game, 2
Qendrim Gashi (MPI) - Arbeitsgemeinschaft Arithmetische Geometrie in Bonn -
Event Seminar Bonn-Mainz "Stability conditions and Stokes factors"
Daniel Huybrechts (Bonn) und Sven Meinhardt (Bonn)
Event Positive vector bundles and their Chern classes
John C. Ottem (z.Z. Bonn)- SFB-Transregio-45-Seminar zur Algebraischen Geometrie
Event GIT semistability of Hilbert points of Milnor algebras
Maksym Fedorchuk (Boston) - Seminar Algebraic Geometry (SAG)
Event Construction problems in algebraic geometry and the Schottky problem
Stefan Schreieder - SFB-Transregio-45-Seminar zur Algebraischen Geometrie/Promotionskolloquium
Event The Miyaoka-Yau inequality for minimal models of general type and the uniformization by the ball
Behrouz Taji (Freiburg) - Seminar Algebraic Geometry (SAG)
Event Tropical and non-Archimedean geometry (1)
Martin Ulirsch - SFB-Transregio-45-Seminar zur Algebraischen Geometrie
Event Introduction to Birational Geometry of Degenerations
Everyone interested in the basics about compactifications of moduli spaces of complex manifolds is recommended to attend as we give an overview of the main ...
Event The intermediate Jacobian, and constructing holomorphic symplectic manifolds out of Fano varieties.
Enrica Floris (Bonn) and Manfred Lehn (Mainz)
Event Fano classification and Differential equations. The Fano threefolds X_14 and cubic threefolds.
Helge Ruddat (Mainz) & Duco van Straten (Mainz)
Event The quotient map on the equivariant Grothendieck ring of varieties
Annabelle Hartmann - SFB-Transregio-45-Seminar zur Algebraischen Geometrie
Event Noether-Lefschetz loucs for K3 surfaces (1); Noether-Lefschetz numbers (2); Period domains and Heegner divisors (3)
P. Sosna (1); A. Ferretti (2); S. Müller-Stach (3) - SFB-Seminar (Transregio 45) Noether-Lefschetz and Gromov-Witten theory (after Maulik and Pandharipande)
Event (1) Borcherds' theorem on Heegner divisors ; (2) Application to Noether-Lefschetz numbers
(1) Xuaming Ye; (2) Pawel Sosna