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Event Smooth non-compact case 1: \(\Omega_X(\log D)\)
Manfred Lehn (Mainz)
Event Smooth non-compact case 2: Mixed Hodge Sheaves
Ralf Gerkmann (Mainz)
Event Smooth non-compact case 4: Applications
Christian Lehn (Mainz)
Event Degenerations 3: \(\Omega_{X/S}(\log D)\)
Kira Samol (Mainz)
Event Smooth non-compact case 3: Construction of MHS
Henning Hollborn (Mainz)
Event Singular case 1: Cubical hyperresolutions
Timo Schürg (Mainz)
Event Variations of Hodge Structures
Jan Christophersen (Oslo, z.Zt. Mainz)
Event Degenerations 5: The Mixed Hodge Structure
Michael Bogner (Mainz)
Event Formal properties of Mixed Hodge Structures
Theo de Jong (Mainz)
Event Singular case 2: Simplicial Hodge Theory
Franz Vogler (Mainz)
Event Degenerations 1: Nilpotent Orbit
Jörg Hartmann (Mainz)
Event t.b.a.
Vasily Golyshev
Event Degenerations 2: Vanishing cycles
Duco van Straten (Mainz)
Event Degenerations 4: Weight filtration
Christian Lehn (Mainz)
Event Degenerations 7: Examples
Manfred Lehn (Mainz)