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List of Participants


name first-name university research topic
Adibhatla Rajender Essen Companion forms and a question of Greenberg
Auel Asher MPI Bonn Cohomological invariants of line bundle-valued quadratic forms over schemes, semilinear Morita theory of Azumaya algebras under morphisms of schemes
Barrientos Ivan Essen Higher class field theory

Holomorphic symplectic resolutions, moduli spaces of (semi)stable sheaves generalizing the invariant Hilbert scheme
Bernardara Marcello Essen derived categories in algebraic geometry, moduli spaces and stability conditions

Bilgin Emel Essen Class of cubic threefolds in K_0(Var_k)
Bogner Michael Mainz Construction of Calabi-Yau operators of order four via convolution and Hadamard products of operators of lower order.
Bruinier Jan-Hendrik Darmstadt

Bueltel Oliver Essen I work on mod p Shimura varieties which possess many compact factors.
Burban Igor Bonn

Chatzistamatiou Andre Essen positive characteristic
Chen Ke Mainz Special subvarieties of mixed Shimura varieties
Doryn Dzmitry Essen
Ehlen Stephan Darmstadt CM values of automorphic products
Engenhorst Magnus Augsburg Geometry of spaces of stability conditions
Fantechi Barbara Trieste

Fluder Anna Essen Asymptotic behavior of elliptic curves over function fields.
Greb Daniel Freiburg Geometric Invariant Theory on algebraic and Kähler manifolds
Gross Philipp Düsseldorf Vector Bundles as Generators on Schemes and Stacks
Hartmann Annabelle Essen Surfaces of general type with Hodge level 1
Hartwig Philipp Essen p-rank strata in the reduction of Shimura varieties of PEL-type
Henrich Thilo Bonn Vector bundles on degenerations of elliptic curves and Yang-Baxter equations
Hofmann Eric Darmstadt Automorphic products on unitary groups
Hollborn Henning Mainz L2-cohomology of Calabi-Yau families over curves
Höring Andreas Paris

Hövel Martin Köln ??
Iacono Donatella Rom Differential graded Lie algebras and deformations of holomorphic maps
Iena Oleksandr SISSA Modifications of Simpson moduli spaces by vector bundles
Nathan Owen

Kappen Christian Essen Uniformly rigid spaces and Néron models of formally finite type
Kerz Moritz Essen

Kindler Lars Essen Stratified bundles and the fundamental group in positive characteristic
Király Franz Ulm Wild quotient singularities of surfaces and their regular models

Lelli-Chiesa Margherita HU Berlin The divisor of Gieseker-Petri in the moduli space of curves.
Macri Emanuele Bonn Stability conditions on derived categories
Maggiolo Stefano SISSA ??
Massarenti Alex SISSA Minimal Model Program on Moduli Spaces
Meinhardt Sven Bonn motivic Donaldson-Thomas invariants
Mohamed Adam Essen My research topic is about the theory of modular forms over imaginary quadratic fields.
Nguyen Le Dang Thi Essen Rational points of algebraic varietes/ Zero cycles, Hodge theory
Nguyen Duy Tan Essen Unipotent algebraic groups over imperfect fields
Partsch Holger Düsseldorf The liftability of elliptic surfaces
Pelaez Pablo Essen Multiplicative properties of the slice filtration/Motivic homotopy theory
Perego Arvid Mainz Reaserch topic: irreducible symplectic manifolds, moduli spaces of sheaves on algebraic surfaces, derived and abelian categories
Poma Flavia SISSA ??
Quinones Estrella Russell Aaron Mainz Algebraic cycles on abelian varietes of dimension 4 with polarization of type (1,2,2,2)
Rollenske Sönke Bonn

Ross Joe Essen The Hilbert-Chow morphism and the incidence divisor; current research on homotopy invariant presheaves with pushforwards
Rülling Kay Essen Hodge-Witt cohomology and applications to the geometry and arithmetic of schemes over finite fields
Rülling Wioletta Essen Seshadri constants, linear systems
Schedlmeier Tobias Mainz Algebraic Geometry
Schmieg Sophie Ulm p-adic curves and their Jacobians
Schüller Felix Düsseldorf Rational surface singularities in positive characteristic
Schürg Timo Mainz Deriving Deligne-Mumford stacks with perfect obstruction theories
Semenov Nikita Mainz

Semmel Michael Mainz Algebraic integrable systems and
Sengun Mehmet Sengun Essen Title: Serre's Conjecture over Imaginary Quadratic Fields.
Tarasca Nicola HU Berlin The Geometry of Moduli Spaces of Pointed Curves
Ufer Dominik Ulm Shimura-Kurven, Endomorphismen und q-Parameter
Weiss Christian Frankfurt Modular forms on Teichmueller curves
Wiese Gabor Essen

Ye Xuanming Mainz variation of hodge structure; higgs bundles; mixed hodge structure
Yu Fei Mainz The minimal number of singular fibers of a semi-stable pencil
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