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List of Posters

Derived categories and rationality of conic bundles

Marcello Bernardara (Essen)


Class of cubic threefolds in the Grothendieck ring of varieties

Emel Bilgin (Essen)


Constructing fourth order differential Calabi-Yau operators

Michael Bogner (Mainz)


Asymptotic behavior of elliptic curves over function fields

Anna Fluder (Essen)


Rational points on simply connected surfaces of general type with p_g=0

Annabelle Hartmann (Essen)

Automorphic products on unitary groups

Eric Hofmann (Darmstadt)


L²-cohomology of Calabi-Yau families over curves

Henning Hollborn (Mainz)


Simpson moduli spaces of 1-dimensional sheaves on surfaces and their modifications by vector bundles

Oleksandr Iena (Trieste)


Uniformly rigid spaces and Neron models of formally finite type

Christian Kappen (Essen)

Stratified bundles on simply connected varieties in positive characteristic

Lars Kindler (Essen)

Rational points and Arithmetic of zero cycles on algebraic varieties

Nguyen Le Dang Thi  (Essen)


Mirror Symmetry and Hodge theory

Helge Ruddat (Hamburg)


Rational double points (in characteristic p)

Felix Schueller (Duesseldorf)


Twisted Teichmüller curves

Christian Weiß (Frankfurt)



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