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Effective Iitaka fibrations

Eckart Viehweg, De-Qi Zhang

Number 12
Author Eckart Viehweg
Year 2007

For every n-dimensional projective manifold X of Kodaira dimension 2 we show that Φ|MKX| is birational to an Iitaka fibration for a computable positive integer
M = M(b,Bn−2), where b > 0 is minimal with |bKF| ≠ ∅ for a general fibre F of an Iitaka fibration of X, and where Bn−2 is the Betti number of a smooth model of the
canonical Z/(b)-cover of the (n − 2)-fold F. In particular, M is a universal constant if the dimension n ≤ 4.

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