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Publications of the SFB Members

Number Year Title Author(s)
6 2014 Hilbert-Samuel multiplicities of certain deformation rings Fabian Sander
5 2014 Degeneration of the modified diagonal cycle Stefan Müller-Stach
4 2014 Invariant deformation theory of affine schemes with reductive group action Christian Lehn , Ronan Terpereau
3 2014 Bernstein-Sato polynomials and test modules in positive characteristic Axel Stäbler , Manuel Blickle
2 2014 Rank two graded Higgs bundles with maximal Higgs field and uniformizations of p-adic curves Mao Sheng , Guitang Lan , Kang Zuo , Yanhong Yang
1 2014 On Shimura subvarieties generated by families of abelian covers of P1 Abdolfazl Mohajer , Kang Zuo
18 2013 On Artin representations and nearly ordinary Hecke algebras over totally real fields Shu Sasaki
17 2013 Modularity lifting results in parallel weight one and applications to the Artin conjecture: the tamely ramified case Shu Sasaki
16 2013 The image of Colmez's Montreal functor Vytautas Paškūnas
15 2013 Irreducible components of deformation spaces: wild 2-adic exercises Vytautas Paškūnas
14 2013 The p-adic local Langlands correspondence for GL_2(Q_p) Vytautas Paškūnas
13 2013 Patching and the p-adic local Langlands correspondence Vytautas Paškūnas
12 2013 On a question of Mehta and Pauly Axel Stäbler
11 2013 A diophantine equation for sums of consecutive like powers Stefan Müller-Stach
10 2013 Hodge numbers for the cohomology of Calabi-Yau type local systems Henning Hollborn , Stefan Müller-Stach
9 2013 Motives of graph hypersurfaces with torus operations Benjamin Westrich , Stefan Müller-Stach
8 2013 Perverse Curves and Mirror Symmetry Helge Ruddat
7 2013 V-filtrations in positive characteristic and test modules Axel Stäbler
6 2013 Nonabelian Hodge theory in positive characterstic via exponential twisting Mao Sheng , Guitang Lan , Kang Zuo
5 2013 On the slope of hyperelliptic fibrations with positive relative irregularity Kang Zuo , Xin Lu
4 2013 Semistable Higgs bundles, periodic Higgs bundles and representations of algebraic fundamental groups Mao Sheng , Guitang Lan , Kang Zuo
3 2013 On Shimura curves in the Torelli locus of curves Kang Zuo , Xin Lu
2 2013 Semistable Higgs bundles of small ranks are strongly Higgs semistable Mao Sheng , Guitang Lan , Kang Zuo , Yanhong Yang
1 2013 A new inequality on the Hodge number h1,1 of algebraic surfaces Fei Yu , Jun Lu , Kang Zuo
23 2012 Blocks for mod p representations of GL2(Qp) Vytautas Paškūnas
22 2012 On the Breuil-Mézard conjecture Vytautas Paškūnas
21 2012 On base change of the fundamental group scheme Axel Stäbler
20 2012 Picard-Fuchs equations for Feynman integrals Stefan Müller-Stach , Raphael Zayadeh
19 2012 From motives to differential equations for loop integrals Stefan Müller-Stach , Raphael Zayadeh
18 2012 Skeleta of Affine Hypersurfaces Helge Ruddat
17 2012 Mirror duality of Landau-Ginzburg models via Discrete Legendre Transforms Helge Ruddat
16 2012 Towards Mirror Symmetry for Varieties of General Type Helge Ruddat
15 2012 Maximal families of Calabi-Yau manifolds with minimal length Yukawa coupling Mao Sheng , Kang Zuo
14 2012 Semistable Higgs bundles and representations of algebraic fundamental groups: Positive characteristic case Mao Sheng , Guitang Lan , Kang Zuo
13 2012 Periodic Higgs subbundles in positive and mixed characteristic Mao Sheng , Kang Zuo
12 2012 An inverse Cartier transform via exponential in positive characteristic Mao Sheng , Guitang Lan , Kang Zuo
11 2012 The Frobenius morphism on homogeneous spaces, I Alexander Samokhin
10 2012 Weierstrass filtration on Teichmüller curves and Lyaponov exponents Kang Zuo , Fei Yu
9 2012 A note on the characteristic \(p\) nonabelian Hodge theory in the geometric case Mao Sheng , Kang Zuo , Xin He
8 2012 Linear independence of cluster monomials for skew-symmetric cluster algebras Giovanni Cerulli Irelli
7 2012 Families of trianguline representations and finite slope spaces Eugen Hellmann
6 2012 Families of p-adic Galois representations and (phi,Gamma)-modules Eugen Hellmann
5 2012 On occult period maps Michael Rapoport
4 2012 Projectivity and Birational Geometry of Bridgeland moduli spaces Emanuele Macrì
3 2012 Stable maps and Chow groups Daniel Huybrechts
2 2012 Negative curves on algebraic surfaces Stefan Müller-Stach
1 2012 Moduli spaces of (G,h)-constellations Tanja Becker
36 2011 On the Newton stratification of a Shimura curve of Hodge type: the case of corestriction Mao Sheng , Kang Zuo
35 2011 $L^2$ and intersection cohomologies for the reductive representation of the fundamental groups of quasiprojective manifolds with unipotent local monodromy Xuanming Ye , Kang Zuo
34 2011 On the Newton polygons of abelian varieties of Mumford's type Mao Sheng , Kang Zuo
33 2011 Quiver Schur algebras and q-Fock space Catharina Stroppel
32 2011 Motivic DT-invariants for the one loop quiver with potential Sven Meinhardt
31 2011 Perfectoid spaces Peter Scholze
30 2011 On the cohomology of compact unitary group Shimura varieties at ramified split places Peter Scholze
29 2011 The Langlands-Kottwitz method and deformation spaces of $p$-divisible groups Peter Scholze
28 2011 On the Iitaka fibration of varieties of maximal Albanese dimension Marti Lahoz-Vilalta
27 2011 Introduction to stability conditions Daniel Huybrechts
26 2011 Gorenstein-duality for one-dimensional almost complete intersections-with an application to non-isolated real singularities Duco van Straten
25 2011 An Index Theorem for Modules on a Hypersurface Singularity Duco van Straten
24 2011 F-signature of pairs: Continuity, p-fractals and minimal log discrepancies Manuel Blickle
23 2011 A second-order differential equation for the two-loop sunrise graph with arbitrary masses Stefan Müller-Stach
22 2011 On the relation between Nori motives and Kontsevich periods Stefan Müller-Stach
21 2011 Mixed Hodge complexes and L2-cohomology for local systems on ball quotients Xuanming Ye , Kang Zuo , Stefan Müller-Stach
20 2011 An alternative description of the Drinfeld p-adic half-plane Michael Rapoport
19 2011 On families of weakly admissible filtered phi-modules and the adjoint quotient of GL_d Eugen Hellmann
18 2011 Hodge-Witt cohomology and Witt-rational singularities Andre Chatzistamatiou , Kay Rülling
17 2011 Notes on Deligne's letter to Drinfeld dated March 5, 2007 Hélène Esnault
16 2011 On a positive equicharacteristic variant of the $p$-curvature conjecture Hélène Esnault
16 2011 On a positive equicharacteristic variant of the $p$-curvature conjecture Hélène Esnault
15 2011 Algebraic versus topological entropy for surfaces over finite fields Hélène Esnault
14 2011 On the algebraic fundamental group of smooth varieties in characteristic p>0 Hélène Esnault
13 2011 Shells of twisted flag varieties and non-decomposibility of the Rost invariant Viktor Petrov , JunProf. Nikita Semenov
12 2011 The J-invariant and the Tits algebras of a linear algebraic group JunProf. Nikita Semenov
11 2011 F-singularities via alterations Manuel Blickle
10 2011 F-signature of pairs and the asymptotic behavior of Frobenius splittings Manuel Blickle
9 2011 Bridgeland Stability conditions on threefolds II: An application to Fujita's conjecture Emanuele Macrì
8 2011 Bridgeland Stability conditions on threefolds I: Bogomolov-Gieseker type inequalities Emanuele Macrì
7 2011 Linearisations of triangulated categories with respect to finite group actions Pawel Sosna
6 2011 Fourier-Mukai partners of canonical covers of bielliptic and Enriques surfaces Pawel Sosna
5 2011 Period- and mirror-maps for the quartic K3 Heinrich Hartmann
4 2011 A global Torelli theorem for hyperkaehler manifolds (after Verbitsky) Daniel Huybrechts
3 2011 On modular Galois representations modulo prime powers Gabor Wiese
2 2011 On Galois Representations of Weight One Gabor Wiese
1 2011 On moduli spaces of sheaves on K3 or abelian surfaces Markus Zowislok
56 2010 Generic bases for cluster algebras and the Chamber Ansatz Jan Schröer
55 2010 Kac-Moody groups and cluster algebras Jan Schröer
54 2010 Schubert varieties in twisted affine flag varieties and local models Timo Richarz
53 2010 The Langlands-Kottwitz approach for the modular curve Peter Scholze
52 2010 The Langlands-Kottwitz approach for some simple Shimura Varieties Peter Scholze
51 2010 The Local Langlands correspondence for $\GL_n$ over $p$-adic fields Peter Scholze
50 2010 Hall algebra approach to Drinfeld's presentation of quantum loop algebras Yong Jiang
49 2010 Stopping Set Distributions of Some Linear Codes Yong Jiang
48 2010 Euler characteristic of quiver Grassmannians and Ringel-Hall algebras of string algebras Nicolas Poettering
47 2010 Quivers without loops admit global dimension 2 Nicolas Poettering
46 2010 Symbolic Dynamics for the Geodesic Flow on Two-dimensional Hyperbolic Good Orbifolds Anke Pohl
45 2010 Dolbeault cohomology of nilmanifolds with left-invariant complex structure Sönke Rollenske
44 2010 Torsion in equivariant cohomology and Cohen-Macaulay G-actions Sönke Rollenske
43 2010 Torsion and cotorsion in the sheaf of Kähler differentials on some mild singularities Sönke Rollenske
42 2010 Blocks of restricted rational Cherednik algebras for $G(m,d,n)$ Maurizio Martino
41 2010 A note on the Bloch-Beilinson conjecture for K3 surfaces and spherical objects Daniel Huybrechts
40 2010 Stability conditions via spherical objects Daniel Huybrechts
39 2010 Semi-stable vector bundles on elliptic curves and the associative Yang-Baxter equation Igor Burban , Thilo Henrich
38 2010 Connectedness of Kisin varieties for GL_2 Eugen Hellmann
37 2010 On arithmetic families of filtered phi-modules and crystalline representations Eugen Hellmann
36 2010 Cusps of the Kähler moduli space and stability conditions on K3 surfaces Heinrich Hartmann
35 2010 A characterization of special subvarieties in orthogonal Shimura varieties Kang Zuo , Stefan Müller-Stach
34 2010 Finiteness of Subfamilies of Calabi-Yau n-Folds over Curves with Maximal Length of Yukawa-Coupling Kang Zuo
33 2010 Canonical Class Inequality for Fibred Spaces Jun Lu , Kang Zuo
32 2010 On the cohomology groups of local systems over Hilbert modular varieties via Higgs bundles Mao Sheng , Xuanming Ye , Kang Zuo , Stefan Müller-Stach
31 2010 On the monodromy of the moduli space of Calabi-Yau threefolds coming from eight planes in $\mathbb{P}^3$ Mao Sheng , Ralf Gerkmann , Kang Zuo
30 2010 Higgs bundles over good reduction of Shimura curve associated with quaternion division algebra Jiajin Zhang , Mao Sheng , Kang Zuo
29 2010 Ekedahl-Oort and Newton strata for Shimura varieties of PEL type Eva Viehmann
28 2010 Newton strata in the loop group of a reductive group Eva Viehmann
27 2010 Foliations in deformation spaces of local G-shtukas Eva Viehmann
26 2010 Generalized affine Springer fibers Eva Viehmann
25 2010 Shimura varieties with \(\Gamma_1(p)\;\)-level via Hecke algebra isomorphisms: the Drinfeld case Michael Rapoport
24 2010 Local models of Shimura varieties, I. Geometry and combinatorics Michael Rapoport
23 2010 Derived categories and rationality of conic bundles Marcello Bernardara
22 2010 The Euclid-Fourier-Mukai algorithm for elliptic surfaces Marcello Bernardara , Georg Hein
21 2010 Finite group actions, rational fixed points and weak Néron models Hélène Esnault
20 2010 On Abelian birational sections Hélène Esnault
19 2010 Hyperkähler manifolds and sheaves Daniel Huybrechts
18 2010 The Kapustin-Li formula revisited Daniel Murfet
17 2010 Stability conditions under change of base field Pawel Sosna
16 2010 Rational points over finite fields for regular models of algebraic varieties of Hodge type $\geq 1$ Kay Rülling , Hélène Esnault
15 2010 On the Frobenius stable part of Witt vector cohomology Andre Chatzistamatiou
14 2010 Higher direct images of the structure sheaf in positive characteristic Kay Rülling , Andre Chatzistamatiou
13 2010 Intersections of special cycles on the Shimura variety for GU(1,2) Ulrich Terstiege
12 2010 A short note on vector bundles on curves Martin Kreidl
11 2010 On p-adic loop groups and Grassmannians Martin Kreidl
10 2010 Dimensions of affine Deligne-Lusztig varieties in affine flag varieties Ulrich Goertz
9 2010 An example of an Sl_2-Hilbert scheme with multiplicities Tanja Becker
8 2010 Notes on Feynman Integrals and Renormalization Christoph Bergbauer
7 2010 Renormalization and resolution of singularities Christoph Bergbauer
6 2010 On the Grassmannian homology of $\mathbbm{F}_2$ and $\mathbbm{F}_3$ Oliver Petras
5 2010 Deformations of elliptic fibre bundles in positive characteristic Holger Partsch
4 2010 Deformations of equivelar Stanley-Reisner Abelian surfaces Jan Arthur Christophersen
3 2010 Algebraic Hecke characters and compatible systems of abelian mod p Galois representations over global fields Gebhard Böckle
2 2010 Deformation rings for some mod 3 Galois representations of the absolute Galois group of Q3 Gebhard Böckle
1 2010 The category of reduced orbifolds Anke Pohl
60 2009 Test ideals via algebras of \(p^{-e}\)-linear maps Manuel Blickle
59 2009 Weak Density of the Fundamental Group Scheme Hélène Esnault
58 2009 Infinite genus surfaces and irrational polygonal billiards Jose Ferran Valdez-Lorenzo
57 2009 Veech groups, irrational billiards and stable abelian differentials Jose Ferran Valdez-Lorenzo
56 2009 Veech groups of Loch Ness monsters Jose Ferran Valdez-Lorenzo
55 2009 Intersections of arithmetic Hirzebruch-Zagier cycles Ulrich Terstiege
54 2009 Residues and duality for singularity categories of isolated Gorenstein singularities Daniel Murfet
53 2009 Rouquier's cocovering theorem and well-generated triangulated categories Daniel Murfet
52 2009 Totally acyclic complexes over noetherian schemes Daniel Murfet
51 2009 On two examples by Iyama and Yoshino Daniel Murfet
50 2009 Ford fundamental domains in symmetric spaces of rank one Anke Pohl
49 2009 Deligne-Mumford compactification of the real multiplication locus and Teichmueller curves in genus three Martin Möller
48 2009 Fano varieties of cubic fourfolds containing a plane Emanuele Macrì
47 2009 The space of stability conditions on the local projective plane Emanuele Macrì
46 2009 Chow groups and derived categories of K3 surfaces Daniel Huybrechts
45 2009 Special cycles on unitary Shimura varieties II: global theory Michael Rapoport
44 2009 Computing Congruences of Modular Forms and Galois Representations Modulo Prime Powers. Gabor Wiese
43 2009 A Computational Study of the Asymptotic Behaviour of Coefficient Fields of Modular Forms. Gabor Wiese
42 2009 Appendice à "Sur une question de compatibilité local-global modulo p'' par Christophe Breuil Lassina Dembélé
41 2009 Nonsolvable number fields ramified only at 3 and 5 Lassina Dembélé
40 2009 Lattice invariants from the heat kernel Juan Cervino , Georg Hein
39 2009 Simply connected projective manifolds in characteristic p>0 have no nontrivial stratified bundles Hélène Esnault
38 2009 On the homotopy exact sequence for Nori's fundamental group Phùng Hô Hai , Eckart Viehweg , Hélène Esnault
37 2009 Lattice invariants from the heat kernel (II) Juan Cervino , Georg Hein
36 2009 On a rationality question in the Grothendieck ring of varieties Eckart Viehweg , Hélène Esnault
35 2009 The Conway-Sloane tetralattice pairs are non-isometric Juan Cervino , Georg Hein
34 2009 Cohomology of graph hypersurfaces associated to certain Feynman graphs Dzmitry Doryn
33 2009 Minimal \(\gamma\)--sheaves Manuel Blickle
32 2009 Discreteness and rationality of F-jumping numbers on singular varieties Manuel Blickle
31 2009 Cartier Modules: finiteness results Manuel Blickle , Gebhard Böckle
30 2009 Demazure resolutions as varieties of lattices with infinitesimal structure Martin Kreidl
29 2009 Rationality and Chow-Kuenneth decompositions for some moduli stacks of curves Stefan Müller-Stach
28 2009 A quintic hypersurface in P8(C) with many nodes Duco van Straten
27 2009 Hodge classes associated to 1-parameter families of Calabi-Yau 3-folds Duco van Straten , Kang Zuo , Stefan Müller-Stach
26 2009 Stability of tautological vector bundles on Hilbert squares of surfaces Ulrich Schlickewei
25 2009 On the Andre motive of certain irreducible symplectic varieties Ulrich Schlickewei
24 2009 Functional equations of the dilogarithm in motivic cohomology Oliver Petras
23 2009 The Hodge conjecture for self-products of certain K3 surfaces Ulrich Schlickewei
22 2009 Truncations of level 1 of elements in the loop group of a reductive group Eva Viehmann
21 2009 The classification of isotrivial fibred surfaces with \(p_g=q=2\) Sönke Rollenske
20 2009 Compact moduli for certain Kodaira fibrations Sönke Rollenske
19 2009 Geometry of nilmanifolds with left-invariant complex structure and deformations in the large Sönke Rollenske
18 2009 On the Galois cohomology of unipotent algebraic groups over local fields Nguyen Duy Tan
17 2009 Hodge cohomology of Nori étale finite bundles Doàn Trung Cuong
16 2009 Two small remarks on Nori fundamental group scheme Phùng Hô Hai , Hélène Esnault
15 2009 Nonsolvable number fields ramified only at 3 and 5 Lassina Dembélé
14 2009 Lattice invariants from the heat kernel Juan Cervino , Georg Hein
13 2009 Simply connected projective manifolds in characteristic p>0 have no nontrivial stratified bundles Hélène Esnault
12 2009 The image of the coefficient space in the universal deformation space Eugen Hellmann
11 2009 A categorical invariant for cubic threefolds Emanuele Macrì , Marcello Bernardara
10 2009 Derived equivalent conjugate K3 surfaces Pawel Sosna
9 2009 On Modular Forms and the Inverse Galois Problem Gabor Wiese
8 2009 On mod p representations which are defined over F_p: II Gabor Wiese
7 2009 Matrixgleichungen und Familien abelscher Varietäten in positiver Charakteristik Ulrich Goertz
6 2009 Abelian birational sections in characteristic 0 Hélène Esnault
5 2009 Faltings' construction of the moduli space of vector bundles on a smooth projective curve Georg Hein
4 2009 SU(r,L) is separably unirational Georg Hein
3 2009 Postnikov-Stability versus Semistability of Sheaves Georg Hein
2 2009 Minimal bundles and fine moduli spaces Georg Hein
1 2009 Hodge cohomology of étale Nori finite bundles Doàn Trung Cuong
54 2008 On the structure of some moduli spaces of finite flat group schemes Eugen Hellmann
53 2008 Symbolic dynamics for the geodesic flow on locally symmetric orbifolds of rank one Anke Pohl
52 2008 On the Existence of Symplectic Resolutions of Symplectic Reductions Tanja Becker
51 2008 Zariski decomposition of B-divisors Alex Küronya
50 2008 A non-solvable Galois extension of Q ramified at 2 only Lassina Dembélé
49 2008 Characteristic foliation on a hypersurface of general type in a projective symplectic manifold Eckart Viehweg
48 2008 Arakelov (in)equalities Eckart Viehweg
47 2008 Remarks on cycle classes of sections of the arithmetic fundamental group Hélène Esnault
46 2008 The Newton stratification on deformations of local G-shtuka Eva Viehmann
45 2008 Hyperelliptic integrals and generalized arithmetic-geometric mean Duco van Straten
44 2008 The Calogero-Moser partition for wreath products Maurizio Martino
43 2008 Kobayashi geodesics in \(A_g\) Martin Möller , Eckart Viehweg
42 2008 Infinitesimal Derived Torelli Theorem for K3 surfaces Emanuele Macrì
41 2008 Formal deformations and their categorical general fibre Emanuele Macrì , Daniel Huybrechts
40 2008 Chow groups of K3 surfaces and spherical objects Daniel Huybrechts
39 2008 Deformation-obstruction theory for complexes via Atiyah and Kodaira--Spencer classes Daniel Huybrechts
38 2008 Ekedahl-Oort strata and Kottwitz-Rapoport strata Ulrich Goertz
37 2008 On the connectedness of Deligne-Lusztig varieties Ulrich Goertz
36 2008 The supersingular locus in Siegel modular varieties with Iwahori level structure Ulrich Goertz
35 2008 Affine Deligne-Lusztig varieties in affine flag varieties Ulrich Goertz
34 2008 Some questions about \(\mathcal G\)-bundles on curves Michael Rapoport
33 2008 On parahoric subgroups Michael Rapoport
32 2008 Special cycles on unitary Shimura varieties I. Unramified local theory Michael Rapoport
31 2008 Quotient categories, stability conditions, and birational geometry Holger Partsch , Sven Meinhardt
30 2008 Examples of Calabi-Yau 3-manifolds with complex multiplication Jan Christian Rohde
29 2008 Compactifications of smooth families and of moduli spaces of polarized manifolds Eckart Viehweg
28 2008 Parabolic Raynaud bundles Georg Hein
27 2008 Generalization of a criterion for semistable vector bundles Georg Hein
26 2008 On semistable vector bundles over curves Norbert Hoffmann , Georg Hein
25 2008 Seshadri constants and surfaces of minimal degree Wioletta Rülling , Tomasz Szemberg
24 2008 Seshadri constants on surfaces of general type Tomasz Szemberg
23 2008 Seshadri constants and the generation of jets Tomasz Szemberg
22 2008 Cycle class of a section and pro-nilpotent completion of the fundamental group Hélène Esnault
21 2008 F-thresholds of hypersurfaces Manuel Blickle
20 2008 Minimal \(\gamma\) sheaves Manuel Blickle
19 2008 On projective linear groups over finite fields as Galois groups over the rational numbers (revised version) Gabor Wiese
18 2008 Zahlentheorie und Geometrie vereint in der Serre-Vermutung Gabor Wiese
17 2008 On the generation of the coefficient field of a newform by a single Hecke eigenvalue Gabor Wiese
16 2008 Computing Hilbert modular forms for fields with nontrivial class group Lassina Dembélé
15 2008 An algorithm for modular elliptic curves over real quadratic fields Lassina Dembélé
14 2008 On the computation of algebraic modular forms Lassina Dembélé
13 2008 Computing Hilbert-Siegel modular forms over \(Q(\sqrt{5})\) via the Jacquet-Langlands correspondence Lassina Dembélé
12 2008 Moduli spaces for principal bundles in arbitrary characteristic Alexander Schmitt
11 2008 Geometric Invariant Theory and Decorated Principal Bundles Alexander Schmitt
10 2008 Yau's Form of Schwarz Lemma and Arakelov Inequality on Moduli Spaces of Projective Manifolds Kang Zuo
9 2008 Small Resolutions and Non-Liftable Calabi-Yau Threefolds Duco van Straten
8 2008 Remarks on derived equivalences of Ricci-flat manifolds Daniel Huybrechts , Marc Nieper-Wißkirchen
7 2008 Supersingular Kottwitz-Rapoport strata and Deligne-Lusztig varieties Ulrich Goertz
6 2008 Classical and quantum integrability Mauricio Garay , Duco van Straten
5 2008 Frobenius polynomials for Calabi-Yau equations Kira Samol , Duco van Straten
4 2008 Elliptic fibrations and symplectic automorphisms on K3 surfaces Alessandra Sarti
3 2008 Non-symplectic automorphisms of order three on K3 surfaces Alessandra Sarti
2 2008 On the Néron-Severi group of surfaces with many lines Alessandra Sarti
1 2008 Relative proportionality for subvarieties of moduli spaces of K3 and abelian surfaces Eckart Viehweg , Kang Zuo , Stefan Müller-Stach
39 2007 The Calogero-Moser partition and Rouquier families for complex reflection groups Maurizio Martino
38 2007 Disproof of modularity of moduli space of CY 3-folds of double covers of P3 ramified along eight planes in general positions Mao Sheng , Ralf Gerkmann , Kang Zuo
37 2007 Calabi-Yau like PVHS and characteristic subvariety over bounded symmetric domains Mao Sheng , Kang Zuo
36 2007 Apéry limits of differential equations of order 4 and 5 Duco van Straten
35 2007 Semicanonical bases and preprojective algebras II: A multiplication formula Jan Schröer
34 2007 Auslander algebras and initial seeds for cluster algebras Jan Schröer
33 2007 Bruhat order for two subspaces and a flag Evgeny Smirnov
32 2007 Completely periodic directions and orbit closures of many pseudo-Anosov Teichmueller discs in Q(1,1,1,1) Martin Möller
31 2007 Differential equations associated with nonarithmetic Fuchsian groups Martin Möller
30 2007 The global structure of moduli spaces of polarized p-divisible groups Eva Viehmann
29 2007 On the Hodge-Newton filtration for p-divisible O-modules Eva Viehmann
28 2007 Local Models in the ramified case. III. Unitary groups Michael Rapoport
27 2007 Deligne-Lusztig varieties and period domains over finite fields Michael Rapoport
26 2007 Automorphisms and autoequivalences of generic analytic K3 surfaces Emanuele Macrì
25 2007 Inducing stability conditions Emanuele Macrì
24 2007 Stability conditions on curves Emanuele Macrì
23 2007 Stability conditions on generic complex tori Sven Meinhardt
22 2007 Derived equivalences of K3 surfaces and orientation Emanuele Macrì , Daniel Huybrechts
21 2007 Calogero-Moser space, reduced rational Cherednik algebras, and two-sided cells Maurizio Martino
20 2007 Chow-Künneth decompositions for special varieties Stefan Müller-Stach
19 2007 L2–vanishing theorems on ball quotients and applications Kang Zuo , Stefan Müller-Stach
18 2007 Differential equations associated to families of algebraic cycles Stefan Müller-Stach
17 2007 The Milnor-Chow homomorphism revisited Stefan Müller-Stach
16 2007 Cyclic coverings, Calabi-Yau manifolds and Complex multiplication Jan Christian Rohde
15 2007 Algebraic differential characters of flat connections with nilpotent residues Hélène Esnault
14 2007 Hodge cohomology of invertible sheaves Hélène Esnault
13 2007 Tate motives and the fundamental group Hélène Esnault
12 2007 Effective Iitaka fibrations Eckart Viehweg
11 2007 Raynaud vector bundles Georg Hein
10 2007 Stability of Hodge bundles and a numerical characterization of Shimura varieties Martin Möller , Eckart Viehweg , Kang Zuo
9 2007 Congruence for rational points over finite fields and coniveau over local fields Hélène Esnault
8 2007 Postnikov-Stability for Complexes Georg Hein
7 2007 N-homogeneous superalgebras Phùng Hô Hai
6 2007 Coniveau over p-adic fields and points over finite fields Hélène Esnault
5 2007 Packets in Grothendieck's Section Conjecture Phùng Hô Hai , Hélène Esnault
4 2007 An effective and sharp lower bound on Seshadri constants on surfaces with Picard number 1 Tomasz Szemberg
3 2007 Linear manifolds in the moduli space of one-forms Martin Möller
2 2007 The Arnoux-Yoccoz Teichmüller disc Martin Möller
1 2007 On Shimura curves in the Schottky locus Stefan Kukulies
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