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Linear manifolds in the moduli space of one-forms

Martin Möller

Number 3
Author Martin Möller
Year 2007

We study closures of GL2+ (R)-orbits on the total space ΩMg of the Hodge bundle over the moduli space of curves under the assumption that they are algebraic manifolds.
We show that, in the generic stratum, such manifolds are the whole stratum, the hyperelliptic locus or parameterize curves whose Jacobian has additional endomorphisms.
This follows from a cohomological description of the tangent bundle to Omega Mg. For nongeneric strata similar results can be shown by a case-by-case inspection.
We also propose to study a notion of 'linear manifold' that comprises Teichmüller curves, Hilbert modular surfaces and the ball quotients of Deligne and Mostow. Moreover,
we give an explanation for the difference between Hilbert modular surfaces and Hilbert modular threefolds with respect to this notion of linearity.

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