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Birational Geometry of Singular Moduli Spaces of O'Grady Type

Ciaran Meachan, Ziyu Zhang

Number 13
Author Ziyu Zhang
Year 2014

Following Bayer and Macrì, we study the birational geometry of singular moduli spaces M of sheaves on a K3 surface X which admit symplectic resolutions. More precisely, we use the Bayer-Macrì map from the space of Bridgeland stability conditions Stab(X) to the cone of movable divisors on M to relate wall-crossing in Stab(X) to birational transformations of M. We give a complete classification of walls in Stab(X) and show that every birational model of M obtained by performing a finite sequence of flops from M appears as a moduli space of Bridgeland semistable objects on X. An essential ingredient of our proof is an isometry between the orthogonal complement of a Mukai vector inside the algebraic Mukai lattice of X and the Néron-Severi lattice of M which generalises results of Yoshioka, as well as Perego and Rapagnetta. Moreover, this allows us to conclude that the symplectic resolution of M is deformation equivalent to the 10-dimensional irreducible holomorphic symplectic manifold found by O'Grady.

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