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Renormalization and resolution of singularities

Christoph Bergbauer, Romeo Brunetti, Dirk Kreimer

Number 7
Author Christoph Bergbauer
Year 2010

Since the seminal work of Epstein and Glaser it is well established that perturbative renormalization of ultraviolet divergences in position space amounts to extension of distributions onto diagonals. For a general Feynman graph the relevant diagonals form a nontrivial arrangement of linear subspaces. One may therefore ask if renormalization becomes simpler if one resolves this arrangement to a normal crossing divisor. In this paper we study the extension problem of distributions onto the wonderful models of de Concini and Procesi, which generalize the Fulton-MacPherson compactification of configuration spaces. We show that a canonical extension onto the smooth model coincides with the usual Epstein-Glaser renormalization. To this end we use an analytic regularization for position space. The 't Hooft identities relating the pole coefficients may be recovered from the stratification, and Zimmermann's forest formula is encoded in the geometry of the compactification. Consequently one subtraction along each irreducible component of the divisor suffices to get a finite result using local counterterms. As a corollary, we identify the Hopf algebra of at most logarithmic Feynman graphs in position space, and discuss the case of higher degree of divergence.

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