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Special cycles on unitary Shimura varieties II: global theory

Stephen Kudla, Michael Rapoport

Number 45
Author Michael Rapoport
Project B10
Year 2009

We introduce moduli spaces of abelian varieties which are arithmetic models of Shimura varieties attached to unitary groups of signature (n-1, 1). We define arithmetic cycles on these models and study their intersection behaviour. In particular, in the non-degenerate case, we prove a relation between their intersection numbers and Fourier coefficients of the derivative at s=0 of a certain incoherent Eisenstein series for the group U(n, n). This is done by relating the arithmetic cycles to their formal counterpart from Part I via non-archimedean uniformization, and by relating the Fourier coefficients to the derivatives of representation densities of hermitian forms. The result then follows from the main theorem of Part I and a counting argument.

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