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Torsion in equivariant cohomology and Cohen-Macaulay G-actions

Oliver Goertsches, Sönke Rollenske

Number 44
Author Sönke Rollenske
Project C03
Year 2010

We show that the well-known fact that the equivariant cohomology of a torus action is a torsion-free module if and only if the map induced by the inclusion of the fixed point set is injective generalises to actions of arbitrary compact connected Lie groups if one replaces the fixed point set by the set of points with maximal isotropy rank. This is true essentially because the action on this set is always equivariantly formal. In case this set is empty we show that the induced action on the set of points with highest occuring isotropy rank is Cohen-Macaulay. It turns out that just as equivariant formality of an action is equivalent to equivariant formality of the action of a maximal torus, the same holds true for equivariant injectivity and the Cohen-Macaulay property. In addition, we find a topological criterion for equivariant injectivity in terms of orbit spaces.

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